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Livia Willman is a Helsinki-based actor from Finland. She is fluent in English, and speaks Finnish as her native tongue. She completed her Screen Acting Bachelor’s degree from Catalyst Institute For Creative Arts and Technology Berlin in October 2022.  Her most recent short film was Goodbye, Tomorrow, directed by Przemek Wegrzyn, where Livia played the leading role. 


Livia acted as all 3 characters in her solo short film, The Tale of Vasalisa, which she also wrote and directed. She won the Best Lead Performance at the Catalyst Film Awards 2022 for the same film.


She was a supporting actor for the music video Time in Berlin - Third Eye Blind, which was a part of the official Tribeca 2022 selection.


Before her studies at Catalyst, she trained in theatre from the age of 12. She got training in improv as well as doing classical plays such as Anton Chekov’s The Seagull and Minna Canth’s The Workman’s Wife.


Livia is trained in the basics of acrobatics, trapeze and silks from a young age in Circus Helsinki. She previously trained in show dance, jazz, and hip-hop.

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